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RiffTrax: The Game

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Spider-man – Green Goblin awakens

It’s finally happening – Spider-Gwen is ready to fight the green Goblin one-on-one… however, she’ll be utilizing the standarts of hentai parodies and the winner of this physical battle will be not the one who ismore fast or more strong but the one with the most resilience in the face of continuous hardcore fucking, no matter if it’s in Norman Osbourne’s limousine, orin Gwen Stacy’s bedroom!

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Moist wool and Sticky web

This night is going to be the end of Spider-Man and Black Cat’s frenemy kind of relationship… because it will get on a completely new level: the thing is that during the chase over the rooftops Balck Cat’s latex costume got damaged so bad that Spidey has no other choice left than to fuck her right here and right now on the balcony of some unknown (but lucky) pair of civillians! You want to see that as well?

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Authoritative Spider-Man XXX parody

The rooftops! The rooftops of the most prestigious buildings in New York are the best place for either Spider-Man or Black Cat and not just because from here they have the complete control of their environment and are able to see all things and be in sync everywherebut also because only here they can have sexual relations without being noticed (except for readers of the comics, of course!)!

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